How it’s done

What to expect when your spray tanning therapist arrives:

  • A spray tan tent will be set up in the preferred area of your home (somewhere with plenty of light, the better the light, the better your tan).
  • You will be given disposable underwear (feel free to wear your own undergarments), disposable hairnet, and sticky feet (these will prevent soles of the feet getting tanned, for a more professional natural looking tan).
  • The spray tan machine will be prepared and plugged in to a power point.
  • During the misting process, you will be asked to move your arms, legs, etc, in different positions to ensure all areas are evenly tanned.
  • The tanning machine sounds much like a vacuum cleaner.
  • After the misting process, you will be dried off using hot air.
  • While your therapist packs up, you can put on loose, dark clothing, and relax.
  • There is no cleaning up required!

Feel free to contact Bonnie Bella and ask any questions about our service or treatment.