Questions & Answers

What Spray Tan Solution do you use?

We use Tuscan Tan™ Original spray tan solution & Tuscan Tan™ & Naked Tan.

How long does it take?
The entire appointment takes 20 minutes. That includes preparation, spray tanning and putting your clothes back on.

How long will my tan last?
Depending on your skin type and how well you look after your tan, typically a tan will last for 5 days.

Can I have a spray tan during pregnancy?
There are no tests showing that spray tanning during pregnancy is harmful. The ingredient in the tanning solution that gives you your tan is DHA and this is made from sugar cane, and has no known problems. We recommend you consult with your doctor.

Can I get a spray tan if I’m breastfeeding?
If you are breastfeeding we suggest to you that you leave on a strapless bra while getting your spray tan. Although the solution is made from natural products we do not recommend you getting your breasts sprayed.

Can I get a second or third coat?
Yes you can with the Tuscan Tan Original. There is a $5 charge for each extra coat. The reason we charge $5 is to cover the costs of the extra solution that is required, and the time it takes to apply.

Bonnie Bella offers a natural looking tan, we recommend two coats as a maximum.

No you can’t with Naked Tan. Naked Tan is designed to be sprayed at one coat only.

Be sun smart…
The spray tan does not replace sunscreen.  Please apply appropriate sunscreen before going into the sun.

Feel free to contact Bonnie Bella and ask any questions about our service or treatment.